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Infrequently Asked Questions

This section of the website is a repository for some more infrequently asked questions and their replies. Mainly the questions came in the form of emails but some are unusual but memorable ones from public speaking appearances. Click to expand.

1./ On the important question of Ego, Tantra, Mystical Ideology and other matters

2/ Why should I believe you? can I believe you? and why do I want to believe you?

3./ Some reasons why Consciousness does not arise from the Brain and Neural activity

4./ Concerning the nature of Truth, Belief and Proof

5./ A Response to somebody's sense of doubt and eventual disillusionment with mainstream Christianity in the USA

6./ Concerning the view beyond Good and Evil, also the purpose of tragedy and suffering.

7./ Concerning Sex, Spirituality and Tantra

8./ Concerning Sufism, IAW, Meditation and the Batin.

9./ Concerning the end game of the message that 'Everyone is God' and also the reasons why this ultimate truth will be widely accepted.

10./ Where is God in this imperfect World and How to live in this Virtual Reality Universe?

11./ A request to film the talks and the exciting possiblities of using video as a medium for communicating sacred truths

12./ A visit to London full of synchronicities and so what does it all mean?

13./ What are your views on Religion and Homosexuality?

14./ Why no Prophecies from the indigenous peoples of the North and South Americas?

15./ Concerning Black Holes, Parallel Universes and God

16./ A response to someone's calling to take the responsibility for the spiritual regeneration of the World, that happened during a mystical encounter in Goa India

17./ Concerning the important issue of Climate Change and a response to the suggestion that this should be made the central message

18./ Cosmic origins, Evolution, Christian Prophecies and Miracles

19./ What do you think about the Bahai religion and aren't they saying the same thing as you?

20./ 'You're clearly delusional...'

21./ How, by who and when are our personal destinies decided?

22./ A Reply to some mystical quotes taken from the Koran sent by a like minded reader.

23./ Concerning PHI the Golden Ratio and God, mysticism, spirituality etc.

24./ Concerning Gnosticism, reincarnation, Infinite parallel simultaneous lives and Carl Jung.

25./ What do Psychiatrists say to you?

26./ Do you think we have a Soul?

27./ Concerning chanting on the God name Abraxas and how to integrate into modern society and stay mystically connect?

28./ Concerning the status of Abraxas and other interesting aspects relating to this ancient conception of God

29./ Concerning the poor sound quality on the Video Clips and the less than perfect elocution

30./ As God what kind of creation powers do we have besides simple Law of Attraction and how do we realize this God consciousness?

31./ How do I transcend mundane appearances, mundane states of mind & mundane feelings?

32./ If you believe all this stuff what would be your religious affiliation?

33./ Why can't the Messiah be a woman?

34./ What advice do you have for young ambitious mystics and what are your future plans?

35./ Concerning Bi-Polar, Manic Depressive Disorder and ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

36./ Questions and Concerns relating to the notion that we are All One Consciousness and One Undivided, Indivisible Self, i.e. God.

37./ A self righteous Gnostic replies to a self righteous Evangelical Christian.

38./ Is the World supposed to end?

39./ The Nature of the Dark Forest. A.K.A. The Night Sea Journey, The Dark Night of the Soul or The Labyrinth

40./ Creating our own realities and doubts about whether to venture down the Rabbit Hole

41./ What books would you recommend that relate to these sorts of Mystical and Gnostic ideas?

42./ Explain Hell and Eternal Damnation And also Are there any untrue beliefs regarding God, Heaven & Hell?

43./ Concerning the Nizari or Assassin sect of Medieval Islam. Were they really Hashish users or not?

44./ How do you reconcile Religion and the notion of Reincarnation with Evolution & Genetics?

45./ On communicating the message, building a community and avoiding becoming a cult

46./ Concerning the notion that Nietzsche's Superman, the Messiah and the Mythic Quest Hero are really variations on the same idea

47./ Concerning the problem of communicating the message to a more general audience

48./ I thought I was an Atheist but then I discovered that my real identity is God

49./ In Response to somebody's experience of being God facilitated by a Psychedelic

50./ So Hitler, Charlie Manson, Ted Bundy and Idi Amin etc. They're all God!!??

51./ On the subject of Visions and their practical application or what to do with them

52./ Where can I get more information on the idea that everyone is God?

53./ I would like to buy an ad on your website www.iawwai.com

54./ Concerning entering the Messianic Syndrome stage and how to deal with it

55./ Concerning whether to keep the ultimate truth secret, more on the nature of Evil and on the existence of other realities

56./ Concerning the question of Free will, Destiny, Frustrated Hope and our inherent Divinity

57./ How did I come to the Conclusion that 'Everyone is God'?

58./ How I became interested in Prophecies and Tips for getting reconnected with the Sacred

59./ On the importance of replacing common but incorrect assumptions when thinking about spiritual, mystical and metaphysical matters

60./ A reply to somebody's detailed account of a mystical episode triggered by a large dose of Cannabis

61./ On Ray Kurzweil's Singularity concept, the emergence of a final unified brain in 2012 and the creation of Artificial Intelligence

62./ The brain is a probabilistic recursive fractal




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