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Speakers Corner

Shortly after I first started public speaking in the beginning of 2002, I would often try out new material at Speakers corner in London's Hyde Park. I did this from the Spring of 2002 right through to the Autumn of the same year. It really helped me to get my act more together. It also helped toughen me psychological, because sometimes the place can get a little brutal. The feedback I got from people wasn't always positive. It sure isn't easy sometimes to try to explain to people that they're really God.


Photograph of myself at Speakers Corner in London's Hyde Park taken in 2002


Speakers corner was brought about through an act of Parliament in 1872 that guaranteed the right of free speech and the freedom to say absolutely anything you wanted. Historically the likes of Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin and Bertrand Russell were known hang out there regularly. Today the Religious Fundamentalist presence there is always strong, both Muslim and Christian. I was often harassed by them, because they were not really open to the idea that their real identity was God. It would get a little frustrating sometimes when it would get difficult to elaborate on what one was saying due to the constant interruptions and heckling. However it was all good experience for me and I learned a lot. I recall I tended to attract the younger crowd who would be more receptive to the things I was saying.


Photograph of myself at Speakers Corner in London's Hyde Park taken in 2002


The hecklers, some of whom were seasoned and veteran, would more often than not be absolutely merciless. Mostly it was good humoured, but sometimes its was downright nasty, with the most base insults and personal attacks. Looking back on it today, I find it all quite amusing.



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