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The Steiner School in Islington

4th Festival of Life

The 4th Festival in September 1st 2007, a celebration of organic, whole and live food; was held in a great location. It was in a Steiner or Waldorf School that was actually a converted church. It made a lovely setting for the event. And an appropriate context too. The man who inspired the Waldorf school phenomenon, Rudolf Steiner the founder of Anthroposophy or the Anthroposophical movement, was himself fully aware of the importance of a healthy diet. Some of his ideas included that of bio-dynamic farming which is very organic and excludes the use of artificial fertilizers and pesticides.

As always it was a great and open minded crowd that attended the gathering. The response from the audience was fantastic and it was a fabulous oppurtunity to make new friends and meet like minded people. The subject matter of my presentation was the 'Law of Attraction' and its relationship to the idea that Everyone is God and the Prophecies are Now. Here are some photos of the talk I gave.





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