Everyone is God
The Prophecies are Now
The Nature of Reality
Psychedelia past and present
'Everyone is God' is the truth behind all World Religion
The unification of World Religion
Science and Religion
The Problems of the World today
Prophecies from around the World
Artificial Intelligence
Fractal Brain Theory

Talk at Dragon Hall 26th July 2006

Part 2 of 2, running time 59 Mins



Synopsis of entire talk

In this presentation I start the talk by discussing some themes found in the movie and book Da Vinci Code, such as the Gnostics, the nature of the Holy Grail and the Bloodline of Jesus. I examine different interpretations of the Holy Grail, such as it symbolizing for the Nazis the blood purity of the German people, the idea that it was a psychedelic vessel and also the notion that it symbolizes enlightenment. I show that all these different perspectives come back to the idea of the God within.

Next I elaborate on the idea that everyone is God, showing how this is the esoteric truth behind all world religon. I discuss how it is that all the Worlds religions have an exoteric or outer aspect versus an esoteric or hidden one. I make it clear that at the esoteric heart of all religion is the central truth that a person's real identity is God.

I then focus on showing how the main assumption which stops us from seeing that we're God, namely Materialism, is necessarily incorrect. I then show how the alternative Idealism, or the idea that everything is consciousness, is the actual state of things. I do this by showing what is behind the illusion of the physical Universe, using the Mandelbrot set as an example to demonstate that nature of physical existence is mathematical or platonic only and that only consciousness is real. Furthermore I show not only that all existence is consciousness but also that everything reduces to one consciousness and one self that is undivided and indivisible essence of God. To help in the explanation of this idea of one consciousness I spend some time showing how it is that reincarnation is the universal truth about eternal life behind all world religion.

So in order to show that reincarnation is the universal truth behind all World religion I focus on showing how a religion that is not normally associated with the idea of reincarnation, i.e. Christianity, indeed had it as a central aspect of the faith early on in its history. I also argue that the idea of reincarnation was a common and widespread belief during and before the time of Christ and show how the idea was made heresy then suppressed. Talking a little about the idea of reincarnation in Islam I put forward the assertion that one can extrapolate from the case of Christianity to other religions as well and show that this idea is universal.

I talk a bit about why people have mystical experiences and stress that the main problem today is not only that people don't know the way to God but also that people don't know the journey even exists.

I then move the discussion onto the prophecies contained in all the World's religions and relating then to present circumstances, showing that indeed they are really talking about the world we live in today. I spend some time talking about the expectations for a chosen one which is a recurring theme in the prophecies of the different religions. In Judaism he is the Messiah, in Chrisitanity he is the second coming and in Islam he is called Imam Mahdi. I discuss how messianic expectations influence politics and shape beliefs in the prophecies and their interpretation.

As a part of the secton about prophecies and messianic expectation I also explore the history of Islam quite in depth, examining the schism between the Sunni and Shia sect; discussing the relevance of ideas in Islam, particularly ideas about the Imam Mahdi, in relation to current affairs and the unfolding of the prophecies. Then I explore certain geopolitical trends which may lead to America's worst nightmare, which is the formation of a nuclear armed Shia super state, which also controls most of the worlds proven oil reserves.

In the summing up I talk about the importance and power of ideas and suggest the positive impact that the ideas that 'Everyone is God and the Prophecies are Now' may have on the World.



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