Everyone is God
The Prophecies are Now
The Nature of Reality
Psychedelia past and present
'Everyone is God' is the truth behind all World Religion
The unification of World Religion
Science and Religion
The Problems of the World today
Prophecies from around the World
Artificial Intelligence
Fractal Brain Theory

Secret Societies, the World Conspiracy & the Coming One World Order

Running Time 26 mins


A section of a talk given on the 6th December 2006. It covers secret societies and the meanings behind themes related to conspiracy theory. I talk about secret societies in Islam, the esoteric history of freemasonry. Also explained is how mystical knowledge explains the meaning behind the world conspiracy, i.e. its relationship to the prophecies, providence, mystical illumination and the the true illuminati. Those who have received prophecy, visions or deep scientific and philosophic insight.



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