Everyone is God
The Prophecies are Now
The Nature of Reality
Psychedelia past and present
'Everyone is God' is the truth behind all World Religion
The unification of World Religion
Science and Religion
The Problems of the World today
Prophecies from around the World
Artificial Intelligence
Fractal Brain Theory
Talk at Swedenborg Hall, 12th October 2006

Part 1 of 2, Running time 59 minutes



Synopsis of the entire talk.

In this presentation I start by talking generally about the idea that everyone is God, showing why this truth is normally hidden to us and also demonstrating that indeed this is the common truth that is to be found at the heart of all world religion.

Then I relate key mystical ideas concerning the coming into being, evolution and destiny of the Universe. I describe the meaning behind the male and female aspects of God. I go on to talk about how the Universe comes into being through a process of emanation and dissolution whereby God becomes the Universe. There after through a complementary process of aggregation the Universe becomes God again. I relate that this progression towards coming togetherness is accompanied by a process involving competition and conflict which I call the cosmic battle.

After this, by introducing and using the mystical idea of 'correspondence', whereby the microcosm is a reflection of the macrocosm, I then show how the cosmic process is enacted in our lives and in physical reality. For instance in the physiology of a human being and also in the process of world history.

I then move the discussion on to talk about the human brain. I show that the brain has a fractal architecture where the organization and dynamics of the constituent parts reflects that of the containing whole. In effect this is like the mystical idea of 'correspondence' played out in the structure and functioning of the brain. So I discuss neurons, cortical columns, cortical patches and the striatum(comprising the caudate nucleus, putamen and nucleus accumbens). I further show that the fundamental processes of the brain at all scales of consideration, are perfect reflections of cosmic processes. That is the process of the universe as a whole is being enacted by brain cells, cell assemblies and also by the entire brain itself.

In the next section of the talk I discuss why it is that people have mystical experiences and using a number of diagrams, show the important factors relating to the understanding and undertaking of the spiritual journey. I start by relating that the ultimate destination of spiritual life is union with God or becoming realized as God. I suggest that this is the real meaning of terms like nirvana, satori, the kingdom of heaven and moksha.

In the discussion about why mystical experiences happen I talk about the dimensions of our being, i.e. the things we do, the thoughts we think and the emotions we feel. I show that these aspects of our lives correspond to the three sorts of spiritual path listed in the premiere Hindu holy text the Bhagavad Gita. They being karma marg or path of action, jnana marg or path of knowledge and bhakti marg or path of devotion. What I propose is that any spiritual journey will involve to some degree all three types of spiritual paths. That is any spiritual journey will be a synergy of the things we do, think and feel. Though the journeys of separate individuals may place different and varying emphasis on the three demarcations of our being.

I then talk about paths of contraction as opposed to paths of expansion, which are respectively spiritual paths which deny or suppress the expression of our humanity, versus those which engage and utilize the normal functions of our lives, for the purpose of spiritual growth. So for instance mystical paths which specify total celibacy would be contractive whereas the mystical disciplines involving sexual expression would be expansive.

To close the section on the mystical journey I present another perspective on the process of spiritual evolution. I show that our lives are essentially the playing out of cosmic processes in the microcosm. So referring to cosmic themes introduced earlier in the talk, namely the female/male aspects of the divine and the notion of the cosmic battle, I suggest firstly that in our lives we are trying to unify the female and male. Also secondly at the same time we are engaged in the personal struggle which is the cosmic battle enacted in our day to day existence. Further to this I discuss how it is that these processes of unifying the female/male and being engaged in the cosmic battle, have both internal and external aspects. Then I relate how we normally fight the cosmic battle and unify the female/male external which means making it in the world, gaining status, having sex and raising children. I then propose that spiritual attainment involves unifying the female/male internally and correspondingly engaging in the cosmic battle internally as well. Relating this idea with the paths of contraction versus paths of expansion dichotomy introduced earlier I show how paths of contraction involve mainly an internal focus whereas paths of expansion pay attention to the external as well as the internal, the outer as well as the inner.

In the last section of the talk I argue why it is that the prophecies contained in all the major religions of the world are definitely talking about present times. I do this by showing that the unique and unprecedented overall conditions of the world today correspond to the overall circumstances prophesied.

I conclude the talk by asserting the power of the ideas discussed, and their potential to help to bring about world peace, the unification of religion and also the reconciling of science of religion. I argue that the related ideas: 'Everyone is God', 'The prophecies are now' and 'The Messiah is within', may be instrumental in bringing about the conclusion of the prophecies. That is world peace, a planet saved, a spiritual revival and a just one world order



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