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Talk at Swedenborg Hall, 6th December 2006

Part 2 of 2, Running time 62 minutes



Synopsis of entire talk

In this presentation I start by showing how it is possible that even an atheist might be convinced that his or her real identity is God. i.e. if the truth can be told in a way so as to be understood then it will be believed. This section was inspired by reading Richard Dawkin's well written book The God Delusion.

I then talked about schizophrenia and schizotypal personality disorder in relation to the mystical and spiritual. I also discuss their relationship to genius, creativity and social dominance. I go into a little neuroscience and talk about the main parts of the brain that are involved in the understanding of the cause schizophrenia. Further I discuss the idea that the journey into psychosis is similar to the mystical odyssey, with some significant overlap.

Next I argue why it is that the prophecies contained in all the great spiritual traditions are really talking about present times. Showing that the unpredented conditions of the world today, i.e. the coming one world order, a planet to be saved, the universal decline of spirituality etc. are exactly the overall conditions prophesied.

Then I move the discussion to talk about conspiracy theories and secret societies, focusing particularly on Freemasonry and the history of secret sects within Islam. I discuss the role secret societies have played in the course of human affairs, for instance talking about Hitler's rise to power aided by German mystical orders such as the Thule society and also the rise of nationalism in Japan before World War II brought about by the Black Dragons society.

In the discussion of secret societies in Islam I talk about the doctrine of Taqquiya whereby ones real beliefs are kept secret and a false exterior appearance needs to be maintained. I show how this practice has been a feature of various Shia and Sufi sects in Islam. I then focus a lot on Iran and how historically it was a Sunni state that became converted, by a Sufi sect called the Safivi, into a Shia one. Then moving onto present day Iran I talk about a sect called the Hojjiteah, it's banning in 1983 by the late Ayatolla Khomenei and its subsequent rise to power in more recent times.

I then talk about the history of Freemasonry, its origins and beliefs. I show that modern day Freemasonry evolved from a confluence of several strands, they being firstly the hermeticism of the renaissance period , secondly the Knights Templar and lastly the mystical church/temple builders guilds of Mediaval, Roman, Greek, Old Testament and perhaps even ancient Egyptian times.

One of the things I try to show in my discussion of secret societies is that a heavily mystical undercurrent runs through a lot of them. Also that certain beliefs, such as reincarnation and the idea of man as God or God as man, are also recurring themes found in these hidden organizations; historically and in present times. When it is understood that this idea is also the central truth behind all Religion, then this allows us another way of understanding the notion of a one world religion. Which is a recurring theme in many conspiracy theories or conspirology.

To conclude the section on conspiracy theory I discuss certain truths that most conspiracy theorists fail to grasp which help us to see the big picture concerning the process of history. The first is the mysterious hand of providence which underlies the purposeful unfolding of the Universe and the coordinated events of world history. A process that makes itself known to us through synchronities and which culminates in the conditions of the prophecies and their ultimate realization. The second is the process of illumination by which human beings become connected or even united with God. It is through illumination that prophecies are received and it is the light which inspires prophets, saints, visionaries and some of the greatest players in the process called world history. It is these figures who are the true 'illuminati'.

To sum up the talk I show that the common thread which runs through all the diverse themes discussed in the course of the presentation is the mystical notion of the 'cosmic battle'. This universal notion of a divine interplay between light and dark is played out in person's life and gives us a way of looking at schizophrenia, which in a sense is the cosmic battle lost. This struggle is the process of life and world history and provides us with a perspective for understanding the roles and purposes played by the secret societies. Finally this battle between between light and dark throughout the course of history reaches an important juncture and point of culmination, which is what the prophecies are really all about. I assert that this is the situation we have in the world today. It is a critical period where the things we do today as collective humanity will determine whether we create hell on Earth or else a better, more just and sustainable World.

Finally I end the presentation by talking about the power of ideas to change the world, especially ideas about God and human destiny. I emphasize the potential of the idea that everyone is God and the prophecies are now, have in helping to bring about a happy conclusion to the current age.



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